Hide Mouse Cursor

This is the hidde effect of cursor.

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<body data-plugin-cursor-effect data-plugin-options="{'hideMouseCursor': true}">

Custom Cursor Color

Change cursor to your custom color.

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<body data-plugin-cursor-effect data-plugin-options="{'cursorOuterColor': '#10b130', 'cursorInnerColor': '#10b130'}">

Pre-Defined Sizes

Change cursor with pre-defined sizes.

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<!-- Small -->
<body data-plugin-cursor-effect data-plugin-options="{'size': 'small'}">

<!-- Normal -->
<body data-plugin-cursor-effect data-plugin-options="{'size': 'normal'}">

<!-- Big -->
<body data-plugin-cursor-effect data-plugin-options="{'size': 'big'}">

Pre-Defined Styles

Change cursor with pre-defined styles.

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<!-- Circle -->
<body data-plugin-cursor-effect>

<!-- Square -->
<body data-plugin-cursor-effect data-plugin-options="{'style': 'square'}">

Hover Effect and Color

The hover effect of cursor on elements.

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The attribute data-cursor-effect-hover should be added to element that will be hovered. Example of usage:

<!-- Fit Effect -->
<a class="btn btn-primary btn-modern btn-px-3 btn-py-2" data-cursor-effect-hover="fit">HOVER ME</a>

<!-- Plus Effect + Default Color -->
<a class="btn btn-light btn-modern btn-px-3 btn-py-2" data-cursor-effect-hover="plus">HOVER ME</a>

<!-- Plus Effect + Dark Color -->
<a class="btn btn-primary btn-modern btn-px-3 btn-py-2" data-cursor-effect-hover="plus" data-cursor-effect-hover-color="dark">HOVER ME</a>

<!-- Plus Effect + Light Color -->
<a class="btn btn-primary btn-modern btn-px-3 btn-py-2" data-cursor-effect-hover="plus" data-cursor-effect-hover-color="light">HOVER ME</a>

<!-- Input + Fit Effect -->
<input type="text" class="form-control" value="" placeholder="Name" data-cursor-effect-hover="fit" />

<!-- Custom Block + Fit Effect -->
<div class="d-flex align-items-center justify-content-center bg-color-light-scale-1 py-5" data-cursor-effect-hover="fit">